How Franchises Have Been Affected By COVID-19

Posted by Jeremy BraschFeb 01, 20210 Comments

It is no secret that the COVID-19 virus has had an effect on the entire world. Besides those that have been personally infected, the virus has also greatly affected businesses and franchises around the world. With many countries and businesses utilizing franchises as a way to create jobs and even global integration, several have begun to struggle.

The Negative Impacts

One of the biggest negative impacts of the virus has been the withdrawal of investments from countries considered to be the greatest risk. In countries such as China, Mexico, and Brazil, that rely on the exportation of commodities or manufacturing goods, have experienced a large drop in demand. Tourism, a substantial source of revenue for many countries, has also taken a hit due to the restriction of travel.

Service and retail industries have also been affected as a result of the virus and retail, food service, construction, and fashion have been some of the most affected. This has also impacted the integrity of the franchise system, causing rifts between franchisors and franchisees.

Best Ways For Franchises to Fight the Virus

Though the economic downturn has left franchisors and franchisees disgruntled, there are ways in which they are able to combat the pandemic to possibly keep their business(es) afloat.

One way to do this is to initiate a full evaluation of one's budget. This can be crucial in preserving cash flow and reducing expenses as much as possible when business is slow.

Companies should also do their best to communicate with their suppliers and landlords to ensure that all avoidable losses are prevented. This can be done by seeking out new suppliers, negotiating fee reductions, or even postponing payments.

Embracing technology is one of the biggest ways in which companies and franchises can weather the COVID storm. With new innovative ways to operate a business, new methods and business models may be essential in moving forward and communicating with consumers.

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