Film Law Tips and Tricks

Location: New Thrivings Restaurant in Guyana, South America

Transcript: Hi this is Jeremy at New Thrivings Restaurant in Georgetown Guyana. Today we are going to do some film building tips and tricks for Guyana. I will first let you know, it is pretty warm here in Guyana. There are some tax incentives for filming here and there are also some regulations that you will need to follow. If you are in need of film space or you just want to see the scenery, you can contact us through our contact form found on our website or you can click here. Here at Providence law, we can help you with the below the line items and occasionally if you need, we can help you with some above the line items. Georgetown is easily accessible on the internet from a picture perspective, but we will take some videos of the scenery around here which consists of the Amazon Rainforest and the river. 

Jungle View:

A quick video showing the jungle scenery just outside of Georgetown, Guyana.







Interior Creek View by Water 

A display of the gorgeous natural jungle landscape that would be perfect for filming. The view is taken from a small boat coasting down the river. 









Amazon River View

The scenery in a film is more than just a backdrop, which is why you have to make sure to pick the perfect one. This picture captures the many beautiful river scenes in Guyana, South America. If you are interested, please send us a message or call (704) 412-9450



There are cars, vans, and trucks that are equipped to drive through the jungle roads are get you to your destination. Oh and let's not forget the boats! You might need these to navigate your way down the river for an exciting new adventure. 


Interior Road

The road that goes through part of the jungle is rich with red clay which makes for pretty pictures on the way to your destination. Driving down the dirt road sets the scene for your set. Sometimes you might even see some exotic animals which adds extra excitement!!!