Why Providence Law

We help you make your business better. Do you want to turn your successful business into a Franchise? We can help. Do you want to quit your 9 to 5 and open a business with a proven model of success? We can help you. Be more tomorrow than you are today.

We Help You With Your Business:

Our core is Business, Corporate and Franchise Law. We draft, negotiate, consult, strategize, and resolve.


We understand business owners. Our price point is strategic, designed for small and middle-market individuals and business people. We offer general counsel, flat fee, and payment plan options.


We offer you rare and considerable experience. Our experience means better counsel for you: rare franchise expertise... we have personally owned businesses and helped countless others do the same. Your business is important, success is important as business owners we understand that. You can get legal advice at any law firm, but have you ever noticed how some attorneys run their business? Many attorneys are not business majors or come from a business background. Managing attorney Jeremy Brasch started in the business world and later went to law school. He has worked in all sizes of companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. He has a MBA and has owned his own business all before opening his law firm. You can't get that kind background when your attorney is an English major and went from school straight into law. Your success is a journey that we understand because we have been through the struggles faced in business and more importantly we have achieved success in business. We are here for you for your journey.

All Your Legal Needs, In One Law Firm:

We integrate your needs. Business, Corporate, Contracts, Partnership Agreements, Franchise, Mergers & Acquisitions, ... and more. The synergy of our overlapping practice areas allows for increased efficiency and effectiveness, improving client results and experiences.


We counsel Franchise and Immigration clients throughout the U.S.

We have a Regus Office in Charlotte North Carolina. We can meet there by appointment only.