Assembling Your K-1 Visa Application

Posted by Jeremy BraschMar 29, 20220 Comments

Once you have completed all the necessary documents are forms need form your K-1 visa, you might think that it is complete. However, the way you assemble your packet is crucial. You want to make sure the packet is easy to follow and isn't missing any of the requirements. The USCIS provides guideline for assembling your K-1 visa packet and this is how it should be.

The packet should be assembled in this order. The items will be listed from top of the packet to the bottom of the packet. For example, the first document on the list should be the document you see first in your pile.

  • Check or money order for the USCIS Processing fee: if you are paying by credit card, complete the form G-1450 and place that first in your packet.
  • Passport type photos: The petitioner and the beneficiaries. Make sure the pictures are in a zip lock bag.
  • Cover letter: Not mandatory but it is recommended
  • Form I-129F
  • G-1145: Optional
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship for Petitioner
  • Legal Termination of All Marriages (all pages): if applicable
  • I-44 Arrival-Departure Record: only required if your fiancé has ever been to the U.S. before
  • Intent to Marry within 90 days of entering the United States
  • In-Person Meeting Documentation

Some other key things to remember:

  • Use things like binder clips or paper clips or folders to hold your packet together. It needs to be easy to disassemble and it needs to not damage any of the documents.
  • Do not submit original copies unless specified in the requirements.
  • For any documentation in a foreign language, be sure to submit the English translation of the document.
  • If you make an error on a form, start over with a new form. Do not scratch things out or write over mistakes.

Lastly, always double check to make sure the forms are properly filled out and signed. Also, make sure that you have the correct mailing address on your packet.