Three Reasons your K1 Visa Could be Denied

Posted by Jeremy BraschMar 29, 20220 Comments

Although many K1 Visas in the United States get approved, not all of them do. There are a few common reasons we see K-1 Visas get denied and they are as followed:

1. Lack of evidence of a Bona Fide Relationship The legitimacy of your relationship is judged by the consular officer you are assigned to. They will review all the documentation you have submitted to them, and they will conduct an interview. Some things that could raise red flags to the officer about the legitimacy of your relationship are…

  • Short dating period before engagement
  • No common language
  • Minimal physical time together
  • Poor interview

To avoid these red flags and to solidify your relationship in order to avoid these issues, make sure to keep good evidence during your engagement. This includes taking an ample number of photos and plane tickets, make sure you really know your partner and can answer questions about them, and make sure to build a great petition.

2. Fraud Another common reason for denial is fraud by misrepresentation. Make sure all your evidence is true and legitimate. Also make sure to double check your documentation/forms to make sure all the information is accurate and correct. Common misrepresentation includes photoshopping pictures, falsifying affidavits, inconsistencies between application and evidence, not disclosing criminal history and/or medical history.

3. Unqualified Before you start the K-1 visa process, make sure you meet all the requirements. There are three major requirements you need to meet, and they are the 2-year meeting requirement, the income requirement, and the free to marry requirement. To learn more information about these, visit the USCIS website or give us a call at 704-412-9450

More reasons for denial are outlined in the Immigration and Nationally Act