Renewing a Non-immigrant Visa from the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana

Posted by Jeremy BraschMar 29, 20220 Comments

The U.S. embassy in Guyana's website states under their “Renew a Visa” tab, “If you are renewing a visitor (B1/B2) or Transit (C1/D) visa that has expired within the last 48 months, you may qualify to forego your visa interview.”

There are six conditions that need to be satisfied for an applicant to be eligible for an interview to be waived. Applicants MUST meet all six requirements which are (1) To be a resident or national of Guyana, (2) Applicants last visa was issued in Guyana, (3) You currently have a valid U.S. visa or one that has expired in the last 48 months, (4) Applicant's previous visa was not lost, stolen, cancelled or revoked, (5) You were not refused on your last U.S. visa application, and (6) Applicant has never been arrested, convicted of a crime, deported, or denied entry into the U.S.

If you qualify for your interview to be waived, you will still have an in-person appointment at the embassy called an “Interview Waived” appointment where you will hand in all your visa documentation and update all your biometric information.

When renewing a B1/B2 visa or a C1/D visa, you must first follow steps one through three in the “How to apply” blog which gives a detailed description of those steps. As a brief overview, the steps were to (1) Select a Visa type, (2) Complete the Online application and (3) Register for Visa Services and Pay the Visa Processing Fee.

Once you complete the three steps, you can click on the link listed on the embassy's website under the “Renew a Visa” tab and log in to answer the questions that determine whether you will be eligible for the waiver. The link is if you are unable to locate it on the website.

The information above is summarized from the page on the U.S. embassy In Georgetown's website. Visit CLICK HERE to read directly from the source and get the most up to date information.