We Can help Recover What You Are Owed

At Providence Law, we have the rare and specific knowledge necessary to recover and claim surplus funds. Recovering surplus funds is challenging, and we are one of the few firms that have such knowledge and resources to assist clients in this complicated area of law. In fact, other attorneys regularly contact us from all over the country to inquire about our process and knowledge.

What Are Surplus Funds?

Upon the foreclosure of residential real property - after all of the debts and obligations are satisfied - the remaining funds belong to the former homeowner. The remaining funds are a surplus, in excess of such monies needed to satisfy the debts. Homeowners have the right to recover any surplus funds that result from the foreclosure sale of their home, and our legal professionals are here to help claim this money so that you have funds to take the next step in your life. While the process can be difficult, recovering the surplus funds can be a positive end to a challenging time.

What Happens After Foreclosure Sale?

Whenever there are surplus funds after a foreclosure sale, the foreclosure trustee is legally obligated to deposit them to the home's previous owner. However, the surplus funds from a sale can be substantial, and unethical trustees might try to claim the money for themselves. But with help from a talented lawyer at our firm, we can track down any excess funds you are owed and hold the trustee accountable for any wrongdoing.

We Are Ready to Fight for You

When you hire our firm to represent you, we will walk you through the legal process and handle all of the complicated paperwork as we advocate to obtain the surplus funds you are entitled to. Providence Law has a stellar reputation for delivering efficient and comprehensive legal representation for our clients, and we are prepared to put our skills to work for you today.

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