Helping Clients Expand & Start Franchise Systems

Our legal team at Providence Law understands how important it is for franchisors to make sure their franchisees accurately represent the business. We proudly offer top-notch legal counsel to help our franchisor clients with the unique needs of their franchise system. From resolve disputes with your franchisees through litigation and mediation to handling state registration and systems development, we are your go-to, all-inclusive business resource in North Carolina.

Legal Services We Provide for Franchisors

We have represented first-time franchisors and experienced franchisors with systems that extend nationwide in a wide range of legal matters. We have a stellar reputation for delivering reliable and efficient counsel and reasonable advice in every aspect of franchising, from trademarks to real estate concerns.

Reach out to Providence Law today to discuss any of the following matters:

  • Franchise Registration: Each state has unique laws on registration and filing requirements. We serve clients nationwide and can assist with registration requirements in any state across the U.S.
  • Franchisee Recruitment: We provide insight on and assist with the process for recruiting franchisees to help you grow and build your franchise.
  • Franchise Litigation: Disputes between franchisors and franchisees can be costly and complicated. We provide aggressive and cost-effective litigation representation for clients who are embroiled in a dispute.
  • Franchisee Relations Advisement: We advise franchisors on day-to-day issues to help maintain strong relationships with franchisees.
  • Franchise Systems Development: Creating a franchise system can be a great way to expand and grow your franchise empire. We can guide clients through the entire process of developing a franchise system, and how to manage and expand your model.
  • Franchise Feasibility Evaluation: We can evaluate feasibility studies and review whether your business has ROI potential, scalability, and other important market aspects that can affect your growth.
  • Import & Export laws: Trading laws can drastically affect your supply and distribution chains, especially if your products originate overseas. We work with clients to review import/export laws to help ensure proper compliance and identify cost-effective strategies.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: A franchise's intellectual property is integral to its brand and operations. We work with clients to ensure their intellectual property and trademarks are safeguarded in contracts, franchise agreements, etc.
  • Tax Planning: We provide tax planning consulting to help ensure full compliance with tax matters while working to identify tax credits and cost savings to help minimize your tax liability.
  • Business Opportunity Law Compliance: We help our clients to better understand the requirements under the FTC's Business Opportunity Law and how to navigate any issues that arise.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: When merging or acquiring additional franchises, careful consideration and due diligence must be exercised. We help clients navigate the complex process of franchise merger and acquisitions.
  • Mediation & Arbitration: If a dispute arises, mediation and arbitration can be a cost-effective way to resolve issues outside of court. Our lawyers are skilled at helping parties efficiently reach effective solutions to complex issues.

Providing Our Clients with Guidance & Care

When you choose Providence Law, we make it our top priority to help our clients reach their business objectives while minimizing risk and avoiding costly disputes and legal issues. The synergy of our overlapping practice areas allows for increased efficiency and effectiveness, improving client results and experiences. We possess vast knowledge of federal and state laws regarding pre-sale disclosure, as well as the laws governing franchise registration, so you can feel confident that your best interests will be represented and that you meet all legal obligations.

If you're ready to find out how our law firm can assist with your business, then please call (704) 412-9450 to set up your free intake call.