Immigration update from the USCIS

Posted by Jeremy BraschNov 02, 20220 Comments

Hello everyone! I have an immigration update for you guys today. yesterday, the USCIS posted this update that said... "USCIS Form and Policy Updates Remove Barriers to Naturalization for Applicants with Disabilities." So basically this means that the N-648 form (which is the medical certification for disabilities exceptions) has been shortened and simplified and new tele-health guidelines further remove barriers for applicants and medical professionals. However, regardless of whether you have disabilities or not, this is still good news because changes were guided by public input and feedback to the USCIS which shows that they are listening bd addressing changes to be made. Stay tuned for more updates to come and remember my name is Elizabeth from Providence law and I'm here to tell you your slogan, "Don't wait, its time to immigrate!" If you have questions message us on whats app +01 704-412-9450