Within the entertainment industry, it is important to make sure contracts are drafted clearly and correctly. Personal service agreements and contracts for rights are the most common contracts needed when it comes to film law. Providence law can help you draft these contracts, review and understand these contracts, answer questions/concerns you have about a contract, or anything else you may need regarding film law.

Location Agreements

Often time there are location changes for sets when it comes to films and movies. If you plan to reschedule a set location, it is a good idea to air on the side of caution and have a clear location agreement drafted before you make the change. Although this seems like an easy concept, having a location agreement signed by locations owners makes the process a lot smoother. Some companies require this agreement for all locations owners for the sets featured in their film. If you need assistance with a location agreement, our attorney can help!

Music Licensing

The most effective way to profit off of musical talents is to license your sound. Entertainment attorneys can help you obtain copyright protection for your music so that your music can be licensed for commercials, movies, TV, etc. When your music is protected correctly by law, you will always be properly credited for your music.

If you are a film producer, you are aware music is a crucial part of creating a great movie. Licensing agreements for the music in your film is essential for producers to prevent any copyright violations. Contact us at Providence Law to help with your music licensing.

Talent Contracts

Talent contracts are essentially the terms and agreement for the relationship between actors and the agencies that represent them. They ensure that there is a clear, written, set outline for how the relationship works that is agreed upon by both parties. For assistance with a talent contract, contact Providence Law.

Crew Contracts

When filming a movie, producing a play, or creating any other show, a production crew is a necessity. The production crew will need to be aware of their responsibilities and how to fulfill them. To ensure they are aware of them and there is no confusion, a crew contract or deal memo should be created. Providence law can assist you in creating and legalizing this contract to make sure there are no complications within your production crew. Contact us today!